How Autism Advocacy Groups Can Stay Safe Online

Autism is a disease that comes with an array of challenges ranging from social skills, behaviour and verbal communication. Parents whose children are born of autism face a lot of stigmatization. Autism advocacy comes in handy to educate and empower the public on the need to accommodate such individuals and support them to lead fruitful lives to lie any other person. Digital technology came as an advantage to these groups. You can reach out to many people as long as you handle the online tools with care and wisdom. Otherwise, it can be an exercise in futility. Everyone if not all, is on social media. That means that you only need to have a targeted marketing strategy to reach out to your target audience.

Some of the best ways to use the internet to create awareness for this advocacy using the internet include the following:

  • Content marketing
  • Pay per click
  • Blogging
  • Social media marketing
  • Using marketing applications
  • Email marketing

The social media acts as an excellent platform to reach out to a wider audience in a simple marketing campaign. The share button and the social media groups help to narrow your awareness campaigns to be sure the message is home to the right audience.

The challenge now comes when you have to take great care in who to talk to while online. Cyberbullies are everywhere, and they take pride in instilling emotional pain to their target. At one point you may ask for donations in material for or in monetary form. Due to location issues, you are forced to use online payment platforms which have all the smartly dressed online thieves waiting for the next victim.

What can you do as an autism advocate never to fall prey?

1. Use legit and renowned payment systems.

The reason some of the payment systems have a large customer base is that they value the security of their customers. They have end-to-end security systems that make their platforms safe and secure. Moreover, they have comprehensive insurance such that

in case of any breach of security from their end, you are sure of a refund.

2. Never share personal information with strangers.

As much as virtual platforms are of help; how sure are you that the person who is on the other end has good intentions. Treat everyone as suspect unless proven otherwise, therefore, just like your password; never share your personal details. That alone is the key to successful fraudulent activities. Can you afford to lose all your autism advocacy funds to hackers?

3. Avoid public internet connectivity.

The public Wi-Fi is a hub for online crime. You may think it is free Wi-Fi but behind the system is an online hacker with sophisticated apps installed on the connectivity to virtually monitor all your activities. That alone is enough to clear all your bank account.

4. Invest in a secure online security system

You can’t be an online watchman all the time. The fraudsters are also smart people who tend to change their tactics from time to time. Unless you are a security specialist, you may not get to have the latest information when it some to data or financial protection. In that case, you need to shop around for a sound security system and compare it with other companies to get a choice that suits your budget. Home Security Heroes tops that list in online security products. Compare LifeLock and Identity Guard and ask yourself, is LifeLock worth getting into as an online security solution?

5. Have two or more verification procedures

In case someone manages to get your personal information or group’s identity details, can they access funds from the advocacy account? If yes, then you are sitting in a time bomb. You need to have dual security back up such that, even if they get access. They need to verify the details, maybe from a phone number or email. In that case, it helps you to detect any malicious activities on the autism financial records. That helps you to tighten the security to avoid any financial losses. Imagine losing all donor funds meant for awareness creation on autism? You will be branded as a suspect in collision with the fraudsters Save your name against such.

6. Always be up to date when it comes to security features.

What are some of the security features you uphold? Do you have a firewall? Can you quarantine, detect, and remove any malicious links or apps that install on your computer? If not, then you can be the next victim of fraud. There is a reason companies spend a lot on security for they know they are an easy target. Someone can disguise as a donor and wants the details to camouflage as someone legit who wants to get the details. Before you notice, they have swept clean the organizations’ bank account. The simple security apparatus is essential to safeguard you and your assets in your online activities.

As you focus on advocacy and awareness creation on this medical condition; you also need to check on better ways to stay safe online. It’s a street with both advantages and disadvantages.