How is autism diagnosed and is there a test for it?

Diagnosis for autism is based on behaviors, including deficits in social interaction, communication, and repetitive and/or restrictive behaviors. No blood tests are done during diagnosis. Diagnosis usually includes DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria.

What’s the cause of autism in my child?

The exact cause of autism in most individuals is unknown. However, some genetic syndromes such as fragile X and Rett syndromes are linked to autism. Studies have also linked rare genetic changes to autism. Genetics is linked to 25% of autism causes while 75% link to a complex number of genetic factors and environmental causes yet to be identified. No evidence point dietary differences, immunization practices and the environment to autism.

What is autism?

Also known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), autism includes a wide range of conditions typical of repetitive behaviors, challenges with social skills, and speech and non-verbal communication.

How can I know if genetics is responsible for my child’s autism case?

You doctor can refer you to a medical geneticist for genetic testing. The doctor will conduct genetic testing post a comprehensive physical exam and family history assessment of your child. A blood test, urine test and genetic counseling may also be done. You may need pre-authorization from your insurer for these tests. You can determine if the condition is from yourself or partner’s side based on the genetic cause found, if any.